EV Charger Lisburn

We’ve been in discussions with Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council since 2019, asking for the second space to be painted green at the charger in their Benson Street car park (SC45). It was agreed the council would do this, but hold off on this work until the charger was replaced. As it is due any day now as part of the initial 15 replacement roll-out, the council have just completed these works in preparation. Many thanks to LCCC for their help with this.

The List

Of the 160 dual headed chargers in NI, we are told by DfI that around 40 of them are on Council owned property with a single space. A further 15 or so are on-street (DfI controlled) with the balance on private ground (or public sector owned).

After writing to the minister Mallon earlier this year to ask if there was a faster way to process things here, she asked her officials to help us identify these spaces and we have now received the list below.

We will be writing to councils over the next week to ask for similar works to take place and EV drivers here can help by contacting their local councillors to ask for this work to be expedited. If you notice any on the list which, like Benson Street above, have had the 2nd space painted already, then please CONTACT us and let us know.

[27/07/21 UPDATE – DfI have since informed us that this is a list of just the car parks formerly owned by them, that were transferred to local councils. That means that are other locations that are not on this list – ones that were already owned by councils before the changes to off-street car parks in 2015. For example the list below shows 7 charger locations for Fermanagh and Omagh, however the Council there have provided us with a list of 13 sites. We continue to work with local authorities here to complete the list and agree the painting of their 2nd spaces.]


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