Here is the timeline of our milestones and meetings since we formed in 2016.

The State of the Network – ESB Meeting Q1 2021
ESB EV Chargers

We held our latest Zoom meeting with ESB on the 14th January and submitted details of 10 DC and 28 AC chargers with long term issues.

NI Headed for 100% Year on Year EV Growth
Press Release

Another milestone as we publish figures showing NI is headed for a 100% growth of plugin car registration over the previous year and we send out our first press release to local media, MLAs and stakeholders

We Meet NIE Networks MD Paul Stapleton
We Meet NIE Networks MD Paul Stapleton

We continue to hold meetings with various stakeholders on behalf of EV drivers in Northern Ireland, this time with the Managing Director of NIE Networks, Paul Stapleton. We learn that unlike GB or RoI, NIE Networks has to pass on the entire cost of bringing an electricity supply to a…Read More

We Meet Infrastructure Minister Nichola Mallon
We Meet Infrastructure Minister Nichola Mallon

After 9 months of trying NIEVO finally gets a Zoom meeting with the Minister for Infrastructure, Nichola Mallon. We raise a long list of concerns with the Minsiter. The same day funding from the EU’s INTERREG Programme is announced for 20+ new Rapid Chargers, doubling the current DC network.

Nichola Mallon Announces Planning Changes for EV Recharging Infrastructure

Infrastructure Minister Nichola Mallon announced her intention to change certain planning rules, effectively solving the issue surrounding ESBs planned charger replacement program.

We Talk to ESB Again about Replacement Chargers
ESB PLanning Issues

Only 3 of the promised 33 chargers have been replaced so far. We contact ESB who tell us that planning issues are stopping them from completing the work.

Maximum Resale Price Issue Solved

The Utility Regulator publishes their decision on the Maximum Resale Price (MRP) as it applies to Ultra Low Emission Vehicles, solving the issue.

We Publish EV Charging Point League Tables for Northern Ireland Councils
Northern Ireland EV Chargers By Council Area - Map

We publish a ranking of all of NI’s 11 Super Councils in order of number of chargers per 100,000 population. We tweet results to all councils and email every coucillor in Lisburn which is bottom of the tables.

We Attend Action Renewables Transport Event
Action Renewable Transport event - Lisburn

We attend the Action Renewables Transport Event at Lagan Valley Island, Lisburn which included a presentation by Sebastian Street of GRIDSERVE, on EV charging forecourts.

We Meet with the NI Utility Regulator
Utility Regulator

We met with NI’s Utility Regulator in Belfast to call for a speedy resolution to the on-going ‘Maximum Resale Price’ that is one of the issues that’s been holding up investment in Northern Ireland’s public charging infrastructure.

BBC Uses NIEVO for TV Newsline Piece on EVs
BBC Interviews NIEVO Members

The BBC contacted NIEVO and we quickly arranged a get together at Shane Retail Park in Belfast so they could film owners talking about their EV experience.

We Attend the Action Renewables Transport Roundtable
NIEVO at the Action Renewable Roundtable on Transport

We attend the Action Renewables Transport Roundtable to represent the interests of NIEVO members and discuss the challenges and opportunities for renewable transport in Northern Ireland.

Meet at Stormont Hotel
NIEVO Meet at the Stormont Hotel

Our biggest turn out yet as we met at the Stormont Hotel in Belfast on a wet July day to look at their recently installed chargers.

Meet with ESB – 33 Replacement ACs Promised
Charging EV

Our latest face to face meeting with ESB is held outside Belfast. At last some positive news as they tell us they will be commencing a replacement programme for 33 of the AC chargers around the province.

NIEVO Attends NIE Networks Workshop
NIE Networks Workshop

We attend the “Greater Access to the Distribution Network in Northern Ireland” workshop in Belfast. Run by NIE Networks for stakeholders, the day long event takes a look at future requirements for our electricity network.

Ask ESB for Update on Long Term Charger Issues
Broken EV Charger - Belfast

In our latest contact with ESB we submit a list of the public chargers with the worst long term outages and request information and action to resolve.

We Meet the eCar NI Team in Belfast
NIEVO Meeting with eCar NI

We sat down with David Strain (ecar Project Manager) and John Starkey in Belfast to relay the issues affecting NIEVO members, particularly around the public charging network.

Fully Charged Live 2018
Fully Charged Live 2018

Representatives from NIEVO attended the inaugural Fully Charged Live event at Silverstone

Meet at Solmatix Renewables
Arbarr Battery at the Harvey Group, Belfast

In our latest group meet we investigated the Solar PV system and battery storage setup at Solmatix HQ outside Belfast

Discussions with eCarNI Team
Volvo PHEV Charging in Belfast

We talk to the eCar Project Manager in Belfast, David Strain and relayed the ongoing issues around the state of the public charging network.

Fifth Group Meet
NIEVO Meeting #4

Around a dozen of us met at the rapid at Applegreen’s Templepatrick again to discuss the state of the network.

We Call on ESB to Improve the Network
Out of Service Map

As winter set in, December 2017 was a new low for the public charging network with chargers offline across the province. We once again contact ESB to ask for urgent action.

Meet at Lightsource Renewable Energy Solar Farm
Meet at Lightsource Renewable Energy Solar Farm

For our third NIEVO group meeting we visited the Lightsource solar farm near Crumlin. This 4.83 MWp facility provides power to the nearby Aldergrove Airport.

First Meeting with ESB
First Meeting with ESB

Our first face to face meeeting with ESB was held at the Sprucefield Rapid Charger. Gareth Davis, General Manager of ESB eCars along with Commercial Manager Deirdre Arthur and Infrastructure Engineer Joe Mooney travelled from Dublin to meet our members.

First NIEVO Meet
First NIEVO Meet

Around a dozen of us held the first meeting at the rapid charger equiped Applegreens Templepatrick.

NIEVO Formed
NIEVO Formed

The Northern Ireland Electric Vehicle Owners (NIEVO) is formed by 2 EV enthusiasts. There are around 1,300 plugin vehicles in NI.