EV Charging Northern Ireland

We have just received the following details from ESB on the 5 DC chargers and the first 15 of 30 AC chargers that will be replaced over the summer…

As outlined previously, ESB ecars is working to replace 30 Fast and five Rapid chargers to improve reliability for electric vehicle drivers in the near-term.

I have attached a list of 15 Fast chargers and five Rapid chargers that will be replaced in the coming months. The location of the remaining 15 chargers will be released later in the summer. We expect to begin the replacement of the first four Fast chargers in the coming weeks, with the remainder due in July and August upon receipt of further chargers from our suppliers. The first four chargers will be installed in Derry/Londonderry and Newry due to the number of poorly performing units located there.

The new chargers will be branded ESB and we are developing a new website that will form part of the existing ESB ecars website. This will help us to provide a better service for EV drivers in Northern Ireland.


Here are a few more snippets of information we’ve learned today

  • DC chargers – 50kW EFACEC units with CCS / CHAdeMO plus AC
  • DC Chargers – Can do 1 x DC and AC simultaneously (not 2 x DC)
  • AC chargers – same Circontrol units as used by ESB in RoI, with modified base
  • ESB Branded – not ecarni, new NI website will allow ESB more control
  • Pay to Charge – not imminent, but ESB will consider once all 35 units installed

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