There are a number of different types of connectors used with EV’s depending on the Manufacturer and the vehicle. We will outline the connector types below.

Type 1

This is an AC five pin plug that also features a clip, its prominence in the UK and Ireland is fading as Nissan have moved to Type 2.

Type 2

The Type 2 is an AC seven pin plug with a flat edge, this connector is now becoming the most popular on all cars. Can carry three-phase power and locks into the socket of a charging point. Public charge points in NI feature a type 2 connector.


CHAdeMO is a round DC four pin plug, this connector is only used for rapid charging points and is typically compatible with EVs manufactured by Mitsubishi and Nissan. Can offer Vehicle to Grid (V2G) but has less power than CCS and requires two separate sockets.

CCS (Combined Charging System)

CCS is an EU standard connector and it combines two DC pins arranged below the Type 2 AC connector and uses 3 of the Type 2s pins. Found on most Type 2 BEVs.

3 Pin

This is the standard plug used in UK and Irish sockets. This connector can be used to charge some EVs via a suitable adapter cable but they lack the speed and security features of a dedicated chargepoint.