Here’s a glossary of some of the common terms you’ll hear when dealing with Electric Vehicles

AC – Alternating Current
Ah – Ampere hour
Amp – unit of electrical current
BEV – Battery Electric Vehicle
BMS – Battery Management System
CCS – Combined Charging System (a type of rapid charger)
CHAdeMO – An abbreviation of “CHArge de MOve” (a type of rapid charger)
Charge Point – Equipment to charge an EV
DC – Direct Current
EV – Electric Vehicle
EVSE – Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (chargers outlets and cables)
Granny Charger – Charges car from regular 3-pin socket
HEV – Hybrid Electric Vehicle
HFCEV – Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle
Hybrid – A vehicle with an electric motor & batteries plus an ICE – Internal Combustion Engine
ICE’d – Being blocked from charging by an Internal Combustion Engined vehicle
kW – kilo Watt (unit of power)
kWh – kilo Watt hour (unit of energy)
PEV – Plug-in Electric Vehicle
PHEV – Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle
PV – Photovoltaic Solar Panels
Regenerative Braking (Regen) – Using motor as generator to slow & recharge batteries
REX – Range EXtending (eg BMW i3)
– Radio Frequency ID (tech used by many charge cards)
Self-Charging Hybrid – Marketing bluff for charged by fossil fuel
SoC – State of Charge (the percentage of your battery’s charge)
SoH – State of Health (the long term health of your battery)
Type 1 – Charging socket (J1772)
Type 2 – Charging socket (standard on most new cars now)
V2G – Vehicle to Grid (sending energy from EV back to the grid)
ZEV – Zero Emissions Vehicle