UK EV Charger Points by Region 2021

The latest statistics from Zap Map (January 2021) show there are now 36,914 charging points around the UK. Usefully they have broken the data down by region, allowing us to take the figures and sort them by the fairest metric – chargers per 100K population.

It will come as no surprise to EV drivers in Northern Ireland that we are languishing right at the bottom of this table. And when you factor in the high percentage of our chargers that currently have intermittent or permanent faults, the picture here is even more bleak.

Table of UK EV Charger Points by Region 2021

This graph dramatically illustrates just how far Northern Ireland has fallen behind. It’s a daming reflection on our Local Assembly that things have been allowed to get this far.

Graph of UK EV Charger Points by Region 2021

Scotland is getting so many things right that we are failing on and this data shows it now has more than 3 times the number of chargers per person.

Data Source

We used the latest statistics from Zap Map and population data from Statista to create the table and graph above. A similar graph was published in the Financial Times earlier this month which inspired this post.


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