Today we are launching a new survey to get a clearer picture of the EV public charging network in Northern Ireland.

It’s a simple online process that takes less than 5 minutes and is completely anonymous with no personal data collected. Results will be posted on this website and our social media next month.

If you are an EV driver living in Northern Ireland (or you travel here regularly in an EV) then please CLICK HERE to complete the survey.

Thank you.

[UPDATE – this survey is now closed. Results will be published here shortly]


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  1. More or less completed the survey but accidentally sent it before finishing my final comments. I have two cars with CCS charging ports and there are very few public CCS chargers, yet this is one of the main types in newer cars. We need many more chargers for all connection types before I could recommend EVs to anyone who does long journeys or who can’t charge at home.

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