We held our first Zoom meeting for full members last night (join us here). Between the presentation and Q&A session we put 5 poll questions to the attendees. Here are the results.

Poll 1

The vast majority of attending members (92%) believe that turning on payments will alleviate many of the issues around the existing ESB public charging network

Poll 2

Regarding Rapid (DC) chargers, around 97% (slight rounding error) agree there should be overstay fees. 81% feel these should recur at set time periods, rather than be a one-off, to further incentivise the driver to move on. Just 3% did not agree with overstay fees on rapid chargers.

Poll 3

A similar question on Destination (AC) chargers showed that 92% agreed with overstay fees. 65% felt these should not kick in until the vehicle was fully charged with 27% preferring a set time time limit. 8% thought overstay fees were not required.

Poll 4

More than two thirds (67%) of attending members believe that Charging Infrastructure is the most important challenge ahead for the full transition to EVs in Northern Ireland. The purchase price was second (17%) followed by Resistance to Change (11%) and Range Anxiety (6%)

Poll 5

Finally, more than three quarters (77%) feel cautiously optimistic or very optimistic about the recent investment announcements here. 17% remain slightly pessimistic with 3% very pessimistic and a further 3% unsure.


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