Here is an example, from just last month, of a line often quoted by the Infrastructure Minister in replies to […]
Here’s the latest update from ESB on the replacement chargers rolling out in Northern Ireland. Work on the remaining eleven […]
This year our group made the transition from NIEVO to EVANI, a new not-for-profit, community interest company. We have focused […]
We have just received the following details from ESB on the 5 DC chargers and the first 15 of 30 […]
Back in March the Committee for Infrastructure launched their enquiry and survey into decarbonising road transport in Northern Ireland. As […]
Our Quarter 1 meeting in January this year reflected our frustrations as the state of the public charging network in […]
After the most intensive month of meetings in NIEVO’s history, the road ahead for EV charging in Northern Ireland has […]
Whilst there’s great news that year on year EV sales figures doubled in NI for 2020, we are seeing many […]
This morning ESB ecars published details regarding the introduction of payment for charging in the Republic of Ireland. This gives […]
NIEVO members’ frustrations are never far from the surface when it comes to our public charging network and we met […]