Nissan in partnership with Eaton, have started taking pre-orders for their new energy storage device – xStorage. These home batteries will initially be available in 3 sizes, 4.2kWh, 6kWh and 9kWh including an inverter all housed in a consumer friendly package.

Interestingly the 4.2kWh xStorage unit uses ‘Second Life’ battery’s from Nissans electric cars, however the larger units are classed as ‘new’ batteries. Extract from the press release:

“Connected to a residential power supply and/or renewable energy sources such as solar panels, the unit has the potential to revolutionise the way people manage energy usage in their own home, providing added flexibility.

xStorage Home comes with solar panel inverters already integrated meaning that if a home is equipped with solar panels, the consumer can connect directly to xStorage Home, storing and then powering their homes using clean, renewable energy. It can also save customers money on their utility bills by charging up when renewable energy is available or cheaper, and releasing that stored energy when demand and costs are high.

The xStorage Home unit also has the capability to provide energy back to the grid in countries where the conditions enable customers to do so. This provides another potential revenue stream as customers will be able to sell stored energy back to the grid when demand and costs are high.

The system also provides the ultimate back-up energy solution to consumers, ideal at a time when energy grids are coming under significant strain. With smartphone connectivity, it allows consumers to switch between energy sources at the touch of a button.”

Prices start from around 3200EUR for the 4kWh unit, 3900EUR for 6kWh and around 5000EUR for the larger 9kWh unit. You can pre-order for 50EUR. More details available in the following links:

nissan.co.uk  :   newsroom.nissan-global.com


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  1. Shades of Tesla Power Wall. I think. that having paid for/ rented two Zoe batteries over 4 years it’s a bit of a cheek of the Renault/ Nissan alliance wanting me to buy it a third time.
    In any event, I’ve had my own now for decades.

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