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A new Which? report published today highlights Northern Ireland’s devolved government as the worst performing in the UK, in regards to supporting consumers in the transition to net zero, according to citizens…

Almost half (46%) think the UK Government is doing too little to support consumers to make more sustainable choices, with the devolved governments faring similarly poorly and, in the case of Northern Ireland, much worse – Which?

The Which? report underlines the Climate Change Committee’s insistence that the switch to EVs is vital to deliver emissions reductions, as well as its call for strong incentives for EV buyers and investment in charging infrastructure…

In its sixth carbon budget, alongside recommending the introduction of a zero-emission vehicle mandate for manufacturers, the CCC stressed that enabling the rapid take-up of EVs across society will be vital to delivering emissions reductions in transport. It recommended strong consumer incentives to purchase zero-emission vehicles (eg. purchase subsidies). It also stressed the need to continue to support the EV charging infrastructure including investment to support on-street and other urban charging solutions for those without off-street parking, and to support charging when travelling to destinations away from home – Which?

Unsurprisingly, ease of charging came top of the list for measures to support electric vehicle ownership…

Consumers think a range of measures would be helpful for supporting EV ownership. Most perceive making charging EVs a simple process by ensuring charging points are easily accessible and compatible with vehicles regardless of brand as helpful – Which?

Northern Ireland was also called out in the report as the region most likely to benefit from financial incentives…

Consumers also see making EVs cheaper to buy and run as helpful. Northern Irish consumers, who incidentally have the lowest disposable income of all the UK, are more likely to say financial incentives would encourage them to get an EV.

In our presentation to the Infrastructure Committee earlier this year we called for the Executive here to consider an interest free loan, like the one currently available in Scotland…

To help with this issue, Transport Scotland funds an interest free loan of up to £28,000 for a new EV, up to £10,000 on a new electric motorbike and up to £6,000 for eBikes, with re-payment terms of up to 5 years. With governments able to borrow at historically low rates, we would like to see the executive consider a similar initiative for Northern Ireland – EVANI

Northern Ireland needs to form a cross-department EV Taskforce to put an end to the years of in-action here and address the lack of planning, policy and ambition around the decarbonisation of road transport.


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