Here is our latest update, outlining some of the work of the EV Association Northern Ireland volunteers in the last few months.

05/07/23Attended the EV Rally visit to Belfast
18/07/23Meeting BT on converting cabinets to on-street chargers
26/07/23Meeting with consultants around grid connection delays
26/07/23Live interview, Mark Patterson BBC Radio Foyle
27/07/23Discussion with the DNO around grid connection delays
31/07/23Discussing with Fermanagh Councillor around rural charging
02/08/23Meeting with on-street specialist CPO in Belfast
03/08/23Update from ESB on issues delaying NI rollout
04/08/23Meeting with Consumer Council on EV research
04/08/23Meeting with EY on EV issues in NI
04/08/23Meeting with NIE to discuss managed charging trial
06/08/23Attended Tesla Track day, Nutts Corner Circuit
08/08/23Discussions with BBC presenter for upcoming Spotlight TV program on EVs in NI
11/08/23Discussions on the upcoming EV Summit in Dublin
15/08/23EVANI Committee Meeting
20/08/23Joint EVANI / IEVA meeting at Castlebellingham
25/08/23Consumer Council / Cognisense meeting on EV research
25/08/23Facilitated meeting in Belfast between NIE Networks and CPOs
29/08/23EVANI Directors Meeting
06/09/23EV Task Force Meeting
13/09/23Meeting with ODS / Gul-e in Belfast
14/09/23EVANI Directors Meeting
15/09/23CBI EV Working Group meeting in Belfast
15/09/23Attended Volvo EX30 launch in Belfast
18/09/23Met representatives from ESB in Belfast for update on NI
21/09/23Live interview, BBC Radio Ulster (listen here)
21/09/23Met with MLA to brief them on EV issues
21/09/23Attended Kia EV9 launch in Belfast
23/09/23Attended Faster Project Open Day in Enniskillen
25/09/23Discussions with Charge Gully
26/09/23Discussions with Pavecross
29/09/23DfT webinar – ZEV Mandate Update
06/10/23Discussions with council officials Eastern Transport Plan (ETP)
06/10/23Meeting with DfI representative in Belfast
11/10/23Attended DoF webinar on EV infrastructure provisions for parking spaces adjacent to buildings
19/10/23Discussions on the upcoming EV Summit in Dublin
19/10/23Meeting with MP on ZEV Mandate
20/10/23Meeting with CPO
20/10/23Meeting with CPO
25/10/23Attended Belfast launch of Utility Regulator’s Draft Strategy
25/10/23Meeting with CPO
06/11/23Discussions with Belfast Telegraph journalist on latest EV figures
07/11/23Attended the EV Summit in Dublin
08/11/23Attended Porsche Taycan event in Cultra
17/11/23Visted the new Tesla Service Centre in Belfast
20/11/23Discussions with NI manufacturer around recruitment
21/11/23EVANI Committee Meeting
22/11/23EV Task Force Meeting in Belfast
22/11/23Meting with DfT on ZEV Mandate update for NI
23/11/23Panelist on Webinar discussing impact of Faster Project in NI (watch here)
23/11/23Discussions with Consumer Council on smart meters
24/11/23Update call with the NFDA
01/12/23Interviewed by Cognisense for Consumer Council research
01/12/23Meeting with the NFDA
01/12/23Attended official opening of new Maxol Rapid Hub, Ballymena
01/12/23Update from CPO on NI go live dates
05/12/23Discussions with Newry Mourne & Down Council on restricted hours for new Faster Project rapids
08/12/23Meeting with Chief Executive of Utility Regulator in Belfast
08/12/23Presented to staff from Agnew Leasing

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