Last Autumn we committed to keep members up to date and published a list of meetings held by EVANI to show the work of our team of volunteers.

Today we are posting our latest update, outlining some of the meetings held by the EV Association Northern Ireland over the past few months.

05/10/22EV Task Force meeting
14/10/22Attended test drive for new Megane ETech at Shelbourne Motors Portadown
18/10/22Meeting with Energy Consultant to update on EV info
18/10/22EVANI Committee Meeting
27/10/22Attended the Sustain Exchange Leadership Summit in Belfast
28/10/22Attended open day at MBNI Truck and Van, Mallusk
01/11/22Attended GEVA (Global Alliance of EV Drivers’ Associations) Zoom
02/11/22Discussions with Basil Knipe Electrical, Ballymoney about new rapid chargers
04/11/22Met with NFDA (National Franchised Dealers Association) outside Belfast
09/11/22Attended the EV Summit in Dublin
11/11/22Met with IPG in Coleraine to look at new charging hub plans
15/11/22EVANI Committee Meeting
25/11/22Discussion with CPO around on-street charging
25/11/22Met with BT in Belfast to hear plans around electrification
02/12/22Met with CPO
02/12/22Attended official opening of Tesla Supercharger at Boucher Road Service Centre
06/12/22Attended official opening of Maxol Charging hub at Holywood
06/12/22Attended GEVA (Global Alliance of EV Drivers’ Associations) Zoom
07/12/22Panelist on Faster Project webinar on EV Charging in Northern Ireland
13/12/22EVANI Committee Meeting
14/12/22Met with BP Pulse at launch of new rapid charger on Knock Road, Belfast
16/12/22Zoom meeting with Councils in the ORCS (On-street Residential Chargepoint Scheme) consortium
20/12/22EV Task Force meeting
09/01/23Met with CPO
10/01/23Phone interview with The Telegraph newspaper
10/01/23EVANI Directors Meeting
11/01/23Took part on live discussion around EVs on BBC Radio Foyle (listen here)
13/01/23Meeting with Tughans Solicitors
17/01/23Further talks with BT
17/01/23Talked to local electronics manufacturer considering EV charging manufacture
20/01/23EV Task Force meeting in Belfast
20/01/23Meeting with Urban Foresight in Belfast
20/01/23Meeting with Belfast City Council on EV Strategy doc
21/01/23Attended MG4 event at Mervyn Stewart, Belfast
25/01/23Interviewed for Belfast Telegraph on EV growth in NI
27/01/23Met with Weev at launch of new chargers at Crowne Plaza chargers, Shaw’s Bridge
31/01/23Attended official launch of Weev rapid hub at Twin Spires, Belfast
31/01/23Interviewed by BBC NI Website on EV growth in NI
03/02/23Attended CBI EV Working Group meeting in Belfast
03/02/23Met with NIE Networks around upcoming project
06/02/23Took part on live discussion around EVs on BBC Radio Ulster (listen here)
09/02/23Discussions with ORCS (On-street Residential Chargepoint Scheme)
10/02/23Visited QE2 Primary School, Pomeroy to talk about our energy transition
18/02/23Attended Charles Hurst EV Day, Newtownabbey
21/02/23EVANI Committee Meeting
24/02/23Visited Maxol rapid charger. Crumlin Road, Belfast
03/03/23Met Arbarr Electronics at Dundalk Institute of Technology to discuss new DC charger with batteries
07/03/23Helping the EV Rally with their visit to Belfast coming this summer
09/03/23Met with Connected Kerb in Belfast to discuss on-street charging opportunities here
14/03/23Met with ESB in Belfast for update around the pay to charge announcement coming next week
16/03/23Call with Coca Cola on their EV fleet
20/03/23Attended the Diageo Sustainability day at Mallusk
21/03/23Recorded zoom interview on ESB pay to charge for BBC Newsline, BBC1 (watch here)
21/03/23EVANI Committee Meeting
22/03/23Live radio interview on U105 on ESB pay to charge (listen here)
24/03/23Recorded radio interview on ESB pay to charge for BBC Radio Ulster (listen here)
31/03/23Meeting with SONI (System Operator for Northern Ireland) at their Belfast HQ to discuss the Energy Transition

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