EVANI attended a preview session with Weev today to test the first of their charge points to go live.

These units are at the Beechlawn Hotel in Dunmurry, Belfast. On site there are 1 x dual head 22kW point plus 2 x 7kW points with dedicated and painted spaces for 4 cars. These are live and ready for public use now.

Prices at time of writing are

  • 22kW unit – 44p/kWh + 30p connection charge
  • 7.4kW unit – 39p/kWh + 30p connection charge

These points can be accessed by the Apple or Android app ’My Weev’, keyfob/swipe card (available through the app or website) or directly using the Adhoc QR code displayed on the Charge points.

EVANI are pleased to see the Weev network begin their rollout and the team confirmed that 50 ports will be rolled out and live over the summer as the start of their investment in the Northern Ireland Charge network.


3 Responses

  1. Whilst any installation is to be welcomed… the absence of a rapid charger renders these little more than destination chargers. Good to see the start of pay-per-charge though… much less likelihood of cars “Hogging” for the whole day…

  2. It’s great to see Weev making this investment. With all public chargers in NI being free to use at present there must be little incentive for private companies to invest, so I applaud them. The public charging infrastructure in NI is abysmal and needs massive growth and investment. Tourists with EV’s are scrambling all over NI at present trying to find somewhere to charge. We are an embarrassing disgrace. Things won’t change until the public chargers cease to be free to use. A proper tariff which includes over time penalties needs to be introduced. This will stop the “all day” hoggers. The offence of parking an ICE car in an EV charging space needs to be enforced with meanginful penalties.

    The Weev chargers at Dunmurry are OK for what they are – AC destination chargers for the hotel. I’m looking forward to the day when we have a proper network of hubs with numerous rapid chargers. We need them ASAP. Compared with GB and ROI we are a disgraceful backwater as regards public EV charging provision.

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