Earlier today the Department for Transport released these final figures for last years electric vehicle sales in Northern Ireland.

57% Increase Year on Year

The 5,947 plugin vehicles sold in 2022 represents a 57% increase on the previous year’s 3,779, and there were more EVs sold in NI in 2022 than in 2020 and 2021 combined.

DfT has confirmed to us that EVs sold here, but leased from companies with addresses outside of Northern Ireland, are not included in these figures. That’s an unquantifiable number of vehicles, but with things like the NHS Fleet excluded for example, it will be a very significant omission.

It’s easy to say with confidence then that there were well over 6,000 EVs sold here last year, and we continue to see growth accelerate with pure electric (BEV) sales doubling in May, year over year.


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