As we reach the end of Q1 2024, here is our latest update, outlining some of the work of the EV Association Northern Ireland volunteers over the last few months.

15/12/23Meeting with BP Pulse
19/12/23Contributed to Belfast Telegraph article on crossing the pavement
03/01/24Discussions with the Belfast News Letter
04/01/24Autocar Magazine on the ZEV Mandate in NI
10/01/24Meeting with BP Pulse
16/01/24EVANI Committee Meeting
19/01/24Belfast City Council on Faster Project location opening hours
26/01/24NFDA meeting
26/01/24Meeting with Weev on Q1 Updates
31/01/24Meeting with new EV Charging company
01/02/24Attended Polestar showroom in Dublin
02/02/24Meeting with VIable
02/02/24EVANI Directors Meeting
09/02/24Attended CBI EV Working Group in Belfast
09/02/24Met with NIHE in Belfast
09/02/24Discussions on Belfast City Council’s EV Strategy
12/02/24Meeting NIE Networks intelligent charging trial
12/02/24Discussions with Kerbo Charge
15/02/24Attended opening of Ionity ultra-rapid hub in Toome
16/02/24Meeting with BP Pulse
16/02/24Meeting with Tarkenta
17/02/24Attended EV Show Ireland in Dublin
17/02/24Attended Transport Museum Science Week
20/02/24EVANI Committee Meeting
21/02/24Attended CBI meeting on RP7
22/02/24Attended opening of new Cupra Showroom
29/02/24NFDA meeting
29/02/24Attended opening of new Ionity ultra-rapid hub in Belfast
01/03/24Meeting with Mineral Products Association NI
01/03/24Reviewed the BYD Seal
05/03/24Met with DfI regarding decarbonisation of their fleet
05/03/24Met with company running the NIE Intelligent Charging Trial
08/03/24Visited new Arbarr 4 nozzle charger at Garvagh
18/03/24Contributed to Belfast Telegraph article around EV uptake here
19/03/24Discussions with Council on statutory parking orders
19/03/24Discussion with a CPO on new initiative
19/03/24EVANI Committee Meeting
21/03/24Meeting with Energy Supplier
22/03/24Meeting with DfI Director to discuss all aspects of EVs in NI
26/03/24EV Task Force meeting in Belfast

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