So far we’ve seen the Model 3 in New York, Geneva and Amsterdam, but today it arrived in Tesla’s Dublin store in Sandyford. Several Model 3’s have been doing a tour around Europe, indeed this particular car may even be the exact one we saw in our Amsterdam visit.

The Model 3 specifications are pretty fluid, but it’s currently available in 3 specs, the Standard Range Plus, Long Range AWD and the Performance. This particular car is a static display left hand drive, US spec, dual motor long range model with the premium interior.

Tesla Mode 3 Specs

The Multicoat red looks fantastic under the bright showroom lights and there are 5 colour options to choose from.

Model 3 has five colour options with solid black included as standard. Metallic colours, Midnight Silver and Deep Blue, Multi Coat Red and Pearl White. It comes with a choice of 18” Aero wheels as standard and 19” Sport wheels as an option. 20” Performance Wheels come as standard with Model 3 Performance. Model 3 now comes with Autopilot included which, under active driver supervision, enables your car to steer, accelerate and brake automatically for other vehicles and pedestrians within its lane.

It’s been said many times already that you need to view this car in real life to appreciate it. This was borne out when we watched a visitor to the store (a grown man) literally cheer and wave his hands in the air when he saw the Model 3 for the first time 🙂

We were shown around the tech in the car by our Tesla rep and the system is very slick. The control of the single dashboard wide airvent is particularly innovative, we can’t help but be impressed. The proof however will be once we drive the car and see how the lack of buttons might impact things, but the interior is certainly a big step up in quality from the previous interiors on the Model S and Model X with the minimalist approach really helping the premium feel.

While the UK configurator opens for orders later this week, rumours are that the Irish version will come online sometime in May. For now though the car is currently on display in Dublin and if you can make it before it leaves we hightly recommend a visit.




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