Back in November last year the Utility Regulator Published a consultation paper on the Max Resale Price Issue as it pertains to EVs. A decision was due by the end of last month…

We intend to publish a decision before the end of January 2020.

The UR then extended the consultation period by around 1 month, so we assumed the decision would now be due around the end of February. We contacted a representative from the UR earlier today to clarify and we were told…

We would hope to have a final position paper published in May/June of this year.

When asked why the decision will now suffer such a long delay the UR told us…

The decision requires a board decision and legal input. When the decision has been published we will accordingly be in touch to advise you.

Didn’t the UR realise the decision would require these steps aready? It’s incredibly frustrating that we’re looking at yet more delays here.

Climate emergency? sigh …….

[UPDATE – The MRP issue was finally solved with this ruling published on 31st March 2020].


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