Here is an example, from just last month, of a line often quoted by the Infrastructure Minister in replies to […]
A new Which? report published today highlights Northern Ireland’s devolved government as the worst performing in the UK, in regards […]
I’m a 25 year old female driver and first time EV buyer. We’re a 2 car household and so with […]
The Climate Change Committee has stated that “The full transition to electric vehicles will be one of the most important […]
It’s World EV day and this morning the East Border Region held the official launch for ‘FASTER’, a €6.4m/£5.8m Special […]
A Transport & Environment (T&E) report from May this year included this online tool which maps the number of electric […]
Here’s the latest update from ESB on the replacement chargers rolling out in Northern Ireland. Work on the remaining eleven […]
We’ve been busy lobbying on behalf of EV drivers in Northern Ireland and now you can help support our work […]
This year our group made the transition from NIEVO to EVANI, a new not-for-profit, community interest company. We have focused […]
We’ve been in discussions with Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council since 2019, asking for the second space to be painted […]