Earlier this month we contacted OZEV (formerly OLEV) to enquire about the On-street Residential Chargepoint Scheme (ORCS). This grant is […]
Following on from our recent meeting with ESB, on 22nd January we also met with the new Chief Executive of […]
We held a Zoom meeting with NIE Networks on the 19th January to discuss some of the current issues surrounding […]
The latest statistics from Zap Map (January 2021) show there are now 36,914 charging points around the UK. Usefully they […]
Today we are launching a new survey to get a clearer picture of the EV public charging network in Northern […]
Whilst there’s great news that year on year EV sales figures doubled in NI for 2020, we are seeing many […]
I had previously been driving a Mazda CX5 but with my PCP deal coming towards an end, I had been […]
For the first time (and with the help of eva.scot) we’ve been able to obtain figures for the best selling […]
It’s been a year since we last looked at the fuel mix used to create our electricity. So what was […]
We continue to hold meetings with various stakeholders on behalf of EV drivers in Northern Ireland, this time with the […]