EasyGo Rapid Charger

In an exciting development for Electric Vehicle driver here, this morning EasyGo has announced it has secured more than €15 million of funding to add 500 Rapid Chargers to its EV charging network across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland…

Covering both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, the high-powered chargers will be rolled out to retail, town centre and hospitality destinations via a range of strategic partnerships that EasyGo has and continues to enter into. This investment will address the significant deficit for such infrastructure across the entire island of Ireland, thereby alleviating range anxiety which is one of the critical barriers to fostering greater EV usage.

Chris Kelly, Director of EasyGo further commented

Northern Ireland has an acute need for charging points to service its growing number of EV drivers. As the largest privately-owned network on the island of Ireland, EasyGo is in a unique position to quickly roll out this much needed infrastructure. Our rapid charger network will ensure that EV drivers in Northern Ireland have access to best-in-class EV charging facilities.

We welcome this new investment that will bring multiple new DC rapid chargers across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and look forward to hearing more about the locations and timeline.


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